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Help? How do i solve this problem with Python List Concept

On 5/11/19 5:02 PM, Ben Bacarisse wrote:
> Donald Tripdarlinq <tripdarlinq at gmail.com> writes:
>> In the traditional Yoruba tribal Set-Up in Nigeria,West Africa the
>> tradition of inheritance is very important. Now, The relative position
>> of a child in the family counts when the issue of inheritance is
>> considered.
>> Question: Now a farmer with 10 children died without leaving a will
>> and the Family "Ebi"(Which consist of the extended family) decided
>> that the property would be in proportion of their respective age. The
>> Children were born with 3 years intervals except the second to last
>> and the last born with the interval of 2 and 4 years respectively. Use
>> the concept of list to write a simple python program to generate the
>> individual children inheritance if the man left N230,000 Before his
>> death
> You need a little more than that.  If the inheritance is to be in
> proportion to the ages, you need to know at least one actual age, rather
> than just the age gaps.  Maybe the exercise is to write a function that
> takes the age of, say, the youngest child and then calculates the
> inheritances?
> Anyway, your starting point will be to work through an example on paper
> so you are clear about what the calculations are.

Or your output needs to be a two dimensional table, where, say the
columns represent the shares for each of the children, and the rows are
the year (like the age of the youngest).