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Farewell, Python 3.4

It's with a note of sadness that I announce the final retirement of 
Python 3.4.? The final release was back in March, but I didn't get 
around to actually closing and deleting the 3.4 branch until this morning.

Python 3.4 introduced many features we all enjoy in modern Python--the 
asyncio, ensurepip, and enum packages, just to name three.? It's a 
release I hope we all remember fondly.

My eternal thanks to all the members of the release team that worked on 
Python 3.4:

    Georg Brandl

    Julien Palard

    Martin von L?wis

    Ned Deily

    Steve Dower

    Terry Reedy

    and all the engineers of the Python infrastructure team.

Special thanks to Benjamin Peterson and Ned Deily, who frequently 
scurried around behind the scenes cleaning up the messes I cluelessly 
left in my wake.

Having closed 3.4, I am now retired as Python 3.4 Release Manager.? I 
regret to inform all of you that you're still stuck with me as Python 
3.5 Release Manager until sometime next year.

My very best wishes,