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Conway's game of Life, just because.

Paul Moore wrote:
> Golly <http://golly.sourceforge.net/> supports both bounded and
> unbounded universes. I don't know how it does it, and (obviously) it
> will hit limits *somewhere*, but I consider support of unbounded
> universes to mean that any failure modes will not be attributable to
> limits on the value of co-ordinates (for the pedants out there,
> ignoring issues such as numbers to big to represent in memory...)
> It does limit *editing* of patterns to co-ordinates below a billion
> (to quote the "Known Limitations" page). But that's a distinct issue
> (I guess related to the GUI toolkit being used).
> Disclaimer: I've only made very light use of golly, most of the above
> is inferred from the manual and reports of how others have used it.

  i tried it.

  what i wanted in the end was a way for the rules to be layered
and there to be levels stacked (so you could have different rules
apply to different scales of things - much like life/biology and
ecological systems function).

  i never designed anything though.  i started learning python 
with this sort of project in mind, but don't have a lot of time
now to work on it.  maybe by next fall/winter...  :)