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python3 html to rtf or doc

Thank you so much Dennis for the direction.

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On Wed, 1 May 2019 00:16:43 +0000, Wen-Chen Hol <w.hol at auckland.ac.nz> declaimed the following:

>Looking for a library or utility that could transform html to rtf in redhat environment.
>Googled a while still could not find a solution I like.
>Any suggestions would be much appreciated Thanks in advance Wen With 
>python2.7 and zopyx.convert, was able to do html to rtf export, with some css kept and images as well.
>zopyx.convert zopy.convert2 seem don't support python3 Recently 
>switched to python36, with pandoc for html to rtf, found out it doesn't do style or images when export now.
>Html code is not in fixed format.

	Might I suggest Calibre? https://calibre-ebook.com/download_linux

	HTML is supposed to be one of the supported inputs, and RTF is an option for output conversion. Not sure if it can be scripted -- nor if it works with Python 3.x (requires 2.6+).

	I only have minimal experience with the Windows version (using a DeDRM plugin to unlock backups of my B&N Nook books; and sometimes doing an epub to epub import/export as I've encountered epubs that have corrupted formats and are unreadable in my Nooks -- Calibre loads and "converts" them into another epub that is valid)

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