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Generating generations of files

On 2019-05-01, Dennis Lee Bieber <wlfraed at ix.netcom.com> wrote:

> It showed all versions... (at least, it did two years ago before my
> lay-off from GE Aviation; which was running OpenVMS in a virtual
> environment on some Windows boxes, being used to cross compile Ada
> for 68040; and is also what I recall from 24 years at Lockheed).

Yow! Cross-compiling Ada for a micro-processor target under VMS.  That
brings back horrible memories...

The compiler I remember couldn't even use normal VMS/FILES-11 files.
All the source/object 'files' lived in the Ada subsystem's own
proprietary environment/filesystem/database.  Every time you needed to
make a change, you hand to export the source file from the Ada
subsystem into the VMS filesystem, edit it, import it back into the
Ada subsystem, then do the build.  Yech.

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