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pip unable to find an extension of a lib.

Le 12/04/19 ? 09:48, Paul Moore a ?crit?:
> >From https://pypi.org/project/PyQt5-sip/#files, it looks like the
> project only distributes wheels (no source archive). You don't say
> what platform you're using, but if it's Linux, the fact that you have
> a debug Python probably means you need a different ABI, so the
> standard wheels that they provide aren't compatible. So if there's no
> compatible wheel and no source, there's nothing that can be installed.
> pip install -v pyqt5 might give you some more information about why
> the files available are not being considered as suitable, but I think
> the above is likely.
> Paul
Exact, in mode verbose it enumerate all versions of pyqt-sip and all are declared "not compatible with this Python"

So I'll create a 3.7.3 venv without the "--with-pydebug"