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configparser - which one?

On 2019-03-26, DL Neil <PythonList at DancesWithMice.info> wrote:
> On 26/03/19 1:10 PM, Dave wrote:
>> I use Python3 3, and expected learning how to use configparser would be 
>> no big deal.? Well!? Seems there is configparser, stdconfigparser, and 
>> safeconfigparser, and multiple ways to set the section and entries to 
>> the section.? A little confusing.? I want to future-proof may code, so 
>> what should I be using?
> (with apologies for not answering the question directly)
> After striking this problem, I was encouraged to take a look at JSON, 
> and thence YAML. Once there, as they say, didn't look back!

Friends don't let friends use YAML. Indeed, I have always assumed that
YAML is a joke that got out of control, like the Flat Earth Society.
It's like they chose a list of goals and then set themselves a
challenge to design a solution that fails at meeting those goals in
the most spectacular way possible. I mean, the original point of it
was that it was a simpler replacement for XML but the YAML spec is
larger than the XML spec... that can't happen by accident, right?