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I wrote a free book about TDD and clean architecture in Python

On 20/03/19 7:18 AM, Leonardo Giordani wrote:
> Ha ha ha, yes I get it! =) I'm sorry, that depends entirely on the LeanPub processing chain (I believe, I'll have a look just to be sure). I hope the book will be useful even with this little issue. Thanks for reading it!

To be fair, that was one of my assumptions - publishers often imagine 
that a simple tool will convert between formats. (Um, no!) However, if 
they think it acceptable to publish a learned text without a ToC (or an 
Index? - haven't read that far), then I'd recommend finding another 
publisher who will properly respect your efforts! "Lean" shouldn't mean 

Yes, I'm happy reading from cover-to-cover. Unfortunately, not being 
able to refer back to (say) the Mocks chapter, means it will be of 
little utility (to me) in-future. After all, if I access your blog 
on-line, can't I use a search facility to find a remembered post/'chapter'?
(ComSc: sequential/serial cf direct-access!)

Publishing criticisms aside, thank you!
Regards =dn