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Can my python program send me a text message?

On 3/19/19 2:35 PM, Chris Angelico wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 6:31 AM Steve <Gronicus at sga.ninja> wrote:
>> I have a program that triggers a reminder timer.  When that timer is done, I would like to receive a text message on my phone to tell me that it is time to reset the experiment.
>> Can this be done using Python?
> Yes! There are APIs that will help you with that. Search the web for
> "text message api" and see what you can find. (Be aware that some of
> them will ask you to pay money.) Then pick one of them and see if you
> can access it from Python.

Some telephone carriers provide cost-free email-to-SMS

> Most of them will be HTTP-based APIs, so you will do well to use the
> "requests" module.

Send email over SMTP; use Python's standard smtplib module.