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Reasoning of calling a method on class object instead of class instance object

On 03/18/2019 05:55 PM, Ben Finney wrote:
>> If I call `_c_to_f`, `_f_to_c` methods on `self` instead of
>> `RefrigeratedShippingContainer` class object, still it works.
> That's right, and is indeed the point of making a static method on a
> class. 

I'm confused. The methods that refer to
RefigeratedShippingContainer.MAX_CELSIUS are not static methods.  For
example, __init__() and celsius().  In fact he never said anything about
static methods unless I'm really missing something.

> In the specific example you show, I expect the code maintenance was
> deemed to be easier when the RefrigeratedShippingContainer encapsulates
> the conversions of temperature units.

I'm not sure this answers his question.  He's asking why refer to a
class variable with the class's name when self also apparently works.