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I wrote a free book about TDD and clean architecture in Python

Hi all,

I published on Leanpub a free book, "Clean Architectures in Python". It's a humble attempt to organise and expand some posts I published on my blog in the last years.

You can find it here: https://leanpub.com/clean-architectures-in-python

The main content is divided in two parts, this is a brief overview of the table of contents

* Part 1 - Tools
- Chapter 1 - Introduction to TDD
- Chapter 2 - On unit testing
- Chapter 3 - Mocks

* Part 2 - The clean architecture
- Chapter 1 - Components of a clean architecture
- Chapter 2 - A basic example
- Chapter 3 - Error management
- Chapter 4 - Database repositories

Some highlights:

- The book is written with beginners in mind

- It contains 3 full projects, two small ones to introduce TDD and mocks, a bigger one to describe the clean architecture approach

- Each project is explained step-by-step, and each step is linked to a tag in a companion repository on GitHub

The book is free, but if you want to contribute I will definitely appreciate the help. My target is to encourage the discussion about software architectures, both in the Python community and outside it.

As of today the book has been downloaded by 7,500 readers. I hope you will enjoy the book! if you do, please spread the news on your favourite social network