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Not Defined error in basic code

> Thank you sir. I think you may be on to something there. I've done 
> mainframe, machine, 3GL, and 4GL languages, but the last couple I've 
> taken on have given me headaches. I guess I'll have to just read a bunch 
> first and then try and write something simpler than what I'm attempting 
> to take on... Thanks for your help and understanding.

Apologies for any misunderstanding. Don't 'stop'!

Keep reading one 'chunk' of learning at a time, and then proving it has 
lodged 'between the ears' by experimenting.

However, if it doesn't make sense/come together for you, 'read around'. 
The frequent practice is vital to effective and efficient learning (in 
my professional opinion).

In fact, as you have probably noted throughout your career, one of the 
best things a professional can do, is to keep reading, even re-reading, 
about the chosen topic.

PS us 'silver surfers' have to stick together...
Regards =dn