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Not a python question, just programming logic trap?

Den torsdag 14 mars 2019 kl. 06:09:02 UTC+1 skrev Rick Johnson:
> jonas.t... at gmail.com wrote:
> > Nah i can't see the error is due to the "If clause" branching possibly it should been an elseif at instead of separate if. No there is something going wrong with the variables.
> Well, then you'd be wise to unpack those variables and inspect them.

I've done that there is nothing wrong with them the error comes when writing out to the canvas, and i rounded them so it is integer pixels. To be honest i think there maybe something with the canvas that goes wrong. A block of fixed length can't expand. I run console.logg()  barLength=xFrontStart-xBackEnd and it is constant at every call within if clause.  It is just that when canvas write out the values apparently the draw rectangle function somehow hold other values.

Well i restart the whole render programming, doing it right from start this time reading values from the record buffer and see if the animation problem magically dissapear. It could be something undefined affect the the variables.