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Not Defined error in basic code

Just getting started with tutorials and such, and don't understand this -

<file: class_weapon.py>

class weapon:
 ??? weaponId
 ??? manufacturerName

 ??? def printWeaponInfo(self):
 ??????? infoString = "ID: %d Mfg: %s Model: %s" % (self.weaponId, 
 ??????? return infoString

<file: weaponTrack.py>

import class_weapon

MyWeapon.weaponId = 100
MyWeapon.manufacturerName = "Glock"


executing 'python3 weaponTrack.py' results in this bailing on the first 
element in the class with "not defined". I've been staring at templates 
of this exact structure for about an hour trying to figure out why this 
isn't running at all. Is it simply because it isn't all in one file? 
Thanks for any guidance. Really appreciate the help.