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asyncio Question


Hopefully this isn't a stupid question. For the record I am using Python 
3.7 on Ubuntu Linux.

I've decided to use asyncio to write a TCP network server using Streams 
and asyncio.start_server(). I can handle that part of it without many 
problems as the documentation is pretty good. I have one problem though 
that I am not sure how to solve. Each request to the server will be a 
JSON string and one of the components of the JSON string will be the 
latitude and longitude. What I want to do is associate a latitude and 
longitude with the client connection. Every time the latitude and 
longitude changes then the two values will be updated. There will only 
ever be one latitude and longitude for each client connection (since a 
device can only ever be in one place). I'm just not sure what the best 
method to achieve this would be when using asyncio.start_server().

Any help would be greatly appreciated.