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Multiprocessing vs subprocess to run Python scripts in parallel

Use case: I have a Python manager script that monitors several conditions (not just time based schedules) that needs to launch Python worker scripts to respond to the conditions it detects. Several of these worker scripts may end up running in parallel. There are no dependencies between individual worker scripts. I'm looking for the pros and cons of using multiprocessing or subprocess to launch these worker scripts. Looking for a solution that works across Windows and Linux. Open to using a 3rd party library. Hoping to avoid the use of yet another system component like Celery if possible and rational.

My understanding (so far) is that the tradeoff of using multiprocessing is that my manager script can not exit until all the work processes it starts finish. If one of the worker scripts locks up, this could be problematic. Is there a way to use multiprocessing where processes are launched independent of the parent (manager) process?

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