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0x80070005 - acess denied when installing Python

Goodday to all Members
I need help with an installation problem. The background is as follows:
I used PyScripter and Python 3.7 for learning python. I am taking a course
on Edx "introduction to data science" and one of the requirements is that
you install Anaconda. I have had bad experiences with anaconda in a
previous attempt and was reluctant to try again but decided to give it
another try . I had the same problems of programs freezing and crashing and
uninstalled anaconda. This cured my PC but now I cannot install Python 37
at all and get the error notice above. I have been through the usual google
recommended fixes but none works and I have checked that anaconda is
cleanly removed and that I have full administartors rights for installing

Can somebody out there please supply some help?
Enjoy the day
Louis Aucamp