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"use strict"

On Tue, Mar 12, 2019 at 11:18 PM Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
<arj.python at gmail.com> wrote:
> excuses.
> have you used Js? well a bit like that in py.

Yes, I have used JS, and in fact it's a critical part of my day job.
But JS has a big difference in that you *declare* variables. As Rhodri
says, asking for mandatory variable declarations in Python is unlikely
to fly.

> not necessarily unused as currently as it is, you can use the real one many times, the typo one many times. it's not an error but it's not what you expect. a linter basically parses the text, proposing to catch that without linter.
> the root catch is by catching undeclared variables usage. since in python you don't have declaration then assignment but you have both at the same time, i am proposing we solve this issue by having a special type of variables.

You still haven't explained how your special type of variable will
work. Does it need to be declared? Is it that none of these special
variables are allowed to be created inside loops? What is it? BE

And please, quote some context in your replies.