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ANN: Creating GUI Applications with wxPython

On 2/27/19 9:37 AM, Dave wrote:

> I have two Python 3 (3.6) apps that will get the full GUI treatment very
> soon.  I'm in the process of choosing a GUI, and that may be where
> you/your book can help.  Seems this is not a trivial effort (wishing
> that Python was like VB6 from the 90's).
> Anyway, here is what I am looking for - hopefully it helps guide you.

>    A network widget may also be good.

What is a "network widget" in this context?  Application
users don't usually interact with "the network" directly,
and networks are usually on the opposite end of applications
from the GUI.  What would your hypothetical network widget
do?  What cross-platform differences would it abstract/hide?
What do your applications do to/with/against "the network"?