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ANN: Creating GUI Applications with wxPython

On Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 10:38:25AM -0500, Dave wrote:

> * GUI relatively easy to understand and implement.  easyGUI is truly easy in
> all areas, but fails some of my other requirements.  The QT/PyQT/PySide2
> situation is a mess - which one to use, why, any implementation differences,
> etc.

Python has been made a first-tier supported language in Qt
just recently if I understood the news correctly. So, PySide2.

> * Performance is very good.  Users hate to wait - for anything!

That's rarely a concern in chosing a GUI toolkit.

> * Lots of widgets!  I'll need a spreadsheet-like widget, a form widget to
> enter information on parts, activities, etc., splash screen that the code
> can talk to while the app is loading, and the big one - a cross-platform
> printer widget that works with Windows and Mac/Unix/CUPS.  A network widget
> may also be good.

Usable built-in printer support (and "network widget would be
good") takes wxPython out of the equation.

PS: Myself using wxPython, so no bashing there.
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