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ANN: Creating GUI Applications with wxPython

On Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 10:53 AM Dave <dboland9 at offilive.com> wrote:
> On 2/27/19 11:38 AM, Rhodri James wrote:
> > On 27/02/2019 15:37, Dave wrote:
> >> * GUI must support all desktops with a native look and feel.  Kivy
> >> fails this one.  Will have mobile apps later in the year, so it would
> >> be nice if one GUI fits all, but am ok with 2 gui's if needed.
> >
> > This requirement will cause you endless pain, particularly when mobiles
> > enter the picture.  I'm not convinced it's a completely good idea; a
> > sensible UI for a desktop probably won't be sensible for a phone and
> > vice versa
> >
> Agreed - that is why I'm open to two GUI kits.

It is not about the toolkit, but more about the design.
If something works properly on the desktop, there is no guarantee it will look
sensible and normal on the mobile device.
Besides UI guidelines for Android/iOS are very different than for the desktop

Hopefully with the wxQt having more and more development we might have
a wxQt/Android port getting attention.

Thank you.

> Dave
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