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ANN: Creating GUI Applications with wxPython

On 1/14/19 2:08 PM, Mike Driscoll wrote:
> Hi,
> I just thought I would let you all know that I am working on my 2nd wxPython book, "Creating GUI Applications with wxPython". This one will be about actually creating small runnable applications instead of just recipes like my Cookbook did. I hope to have 8-10 working applications included with the book.
> You can read more about it here if you are interested: https://www.blog.pythonlibrary.org/2019/01/14/creating-gui-applications-with-wxpython-kickstarter/
> Feel free to ask me questions about it too.
> Thanks,
> Mike


I have two Python 3 (3.6) apps that will get the full GUI treatment very 
soon.  I'm in the process of choosing a GUI, and that may be where 
you/your book can help.  Seems this is not a trivial effort (wishing 
that Python was like VB6 from the 90's).

Anyway, here is what I am looking for - hopefully it helps guide you.

* GUI relatively easy to understand and implement.  easyGUI is truly 
easy in all areas, but fails some of my other requirements.  The 
QT/PyQT/PySide2 situation is a mess - which one to use, why, any 
implementation differences, etc.

* Performance is very good.  Users hate to wait - for anything!

* Lots of widgets!  I'll need a spreadsheet-like widget, a form widget 
to enter information on parts, activities, etc., splash screen that the 
code can talk to while the app is loading, and the big one - a 
cross-platform printer widget that works with Windows and Mac/Unix/CUPS. 
  A network widget may also be good.

* A GUI designer may be good.  Currently there is Glade for GTK, and 
QT-Designer for QT.

* GUI must support all desktops with a native look and feel.  Kivy fails 
this one.  Will have mobile apps later in the year, so it would be nice 
if one GUI fits all, but am ok with 2 gui's if needed.

* A great book taking me from beginner to expert.