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How to format a datetime MySQL database field to local using strftime()

Can  you help me rewrite this function, which when iam using 'pymysql' conncector works normally, it does not when iam using 'bottle_pymysql'

def coalesce( data ):
	newdata = []
	seen = {}
	for host, ref, location, useros, browser, visits, hits, downloads, authuser in data:
		# Here i have to decide how to group the rows together
		# I want an html row for every unique combination of (host) and that hits should be summed together
		key = host
		if key not in seen:
			newdata.append( [ [host], [ref], location, useros, browser, [visits], hits, [downloads], authuser ] )
			seen[key] = len( newdata ) - 1      # Save index (for 'newdata') of this row
		else:       # This row is a duplicate row with a different referrer & visit datetime & torrent download
			rowindex = seen[key]
			newdata[rowindex][0].append( host )
			newdata[rowindex][1].append( ref )
			newdata[rowindex][5].append( visits )
			newdata[rowindex][6] += hits
			newdata[rowindex][7].append( downloads )
	return newdata