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Connector/Python, MySQL Workbench Issue


Someone else will be better able to assist - I use Linux.

In the mean-time, may I suggest combing-through the MySQL docs for 
installing on Windows - the suspicion about Administrator cf user remains...

Yes, I often find MySQL-Workbench a useful tool when interacting with 
RDBMSes on remote machines and VPSes. Also, have been hung-up on 
mismatching v5.n or v8.n between my m/c and the other. Sigh!

On 26/02/19 3:16 PM, Scott Sorgent wrote:
> OS:? Windows 10 Home version 1803, 64 bit, x64 processor, Intel Core I7 
> Processor
> I believe I'm just installing as an individual user.? I opted for the 
> Full Installation on the MySQL Workbench program though which tries to 
> install everything.? I'm going to be using for a big MySQL database 
> through AWS.
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> Scott,
> On 26/02/19 2:15 PM, Scott Sorgent wrote:
>> I was trying to install MySQL Workbench and it asked me to install the Connector/Python 3.7.? I installed Python 3.7.2, restarted the computer and tried to install MySQL workbench again and it told me again that I needed to install Connector/Python 3.7. I found the download for MySQL Connector/Python 3.7 then downloaded and 
> tried installing, but immediately, I get a popup saying Python v3.7 not 
> installed.? Why is this happening and what should I do to get everything 
> installed and working?
> Can we start with the name and version of the Operating System you are
> using?
> Are you installing the three products as a user or root/an administrator?
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