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How to play with Python in an existing app


On 21/02/19 7:56 AM, edmer2210 at gmail.com wrote:
> So I'm a newbie to Python. I got access to an existing RavenDB and am supposed to install it on aws.amazon.com. If I succeed in setting this up, I am supposed to write some Python code.
> But how can I play with Python and test some querries without f#cking up the database? Because the RavenDB is working with an app that's currently being used by a few hundreds of people.
> Should I ask for a copy of the RavenDB database and test it locally on my PC with PyCharm, for example?
> Thanks for any suggestions on how to setup a safe working environment for an app that's already in use, so a beginner can play, learn and grow without damaging something :-)

Won't an entirely separate environment, whether on AWS or your local PC, 
solve your problem and prevent 'accidents'. NEVER test on 'live'!

Not being familiar with RavenDB, how easy is it to replicate the DBMS?

Worst case: how difficult would it be to create a second set of DBs for 
dev/testing; and then what differences would there be between the code 
used for testing and that used in production (the more changes needed, 
the more likely something will go wrong at the last step of 'going live'!)?

Regards =dn