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Unable to Install Python 3.7.2 64 bit version on my Windows 8.1

Is your .py file represented with the python icon? If not then you probably
have a path problem.

You can check to see if python is working if you copy a .py file into the
same folder where python.exe exists.  If you can execute the .py file from
that folder then and not elsewhere, it is probably a path problem.

>From my bad experience installing Python, apparently the installation did
not handle the path modification very well.  I had to add the python path
into the environment manually.

To check this, open a CMD screen and enter "path" as a command.  Check to
see if the path to Python is listed.

I struggled with this in my first installation of Python until I learned how
to manually modify the environment path.  I had to install python on a
second computer but did not remember what magic I had to do to get the
system to remember where the python.exe was located. So that second computer
still does not have it working properly.

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Hello Team,

I'm trying to install Python 3.7.2  64 bit version on my Windows 8.1
Operating system with Robot framework ride with Selenium Libraries.

However, Python is getting installed in local drive installed of C drive and
unable to open the ride.py.

Please let me know, if there is work around for the same or any
documentation would be greatly appreciated.

Hoping to hear from you soon.