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revisiting the "What am I running on?" question

Thomas Jollans wrote:
> I'm fairly sure "win32" was used on W9x as well. In any case it *was*
> correct at the time, as early versions of Python also ran on DOS and
> Windows 3.1. "windows" would not have been suitable.
> But yeah, we're stuck with it. There are obviously good reasons that it
> wasn't changed when we moved to amd64, but it is annoying.

  to me it is confusing and looks outdated so it
did not give me much confidence i had found the
right thing to use and so i kept looking further.
if someone could put a note in the docs about 
this it will likely help others.

  in this age where things look to me very fragmented
and then abandoned it is hard to know what is and 
isn't being maintained without looking for issue 
trackers and bugs and seeing if anyone is actively
fixing things or not (multiply this by the number
of modules being used and it drains more time).