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Gtk. GUI app pgming

nn wrote:
>  any gtk+ III.    buffs  around ?
>  am gonna launch a hot new newsreader soon. works like a charm.

  i used python 3, gtk3 (PyGObject which brings you
pycairo) and pyglet for a quick game and it went ok.

  the issues i have now are with the actual distribution 
to all the platforms because i don't have a Windows and
a few other architectures to generate my own binary wheels 
for uploading or to test on.  in the meantime people have 
to install python 3 along with a C compiler and i don't 
think that really is easy for people who are at the plain 
"user level" of understanding.

  i have a few glitches because of the mixing of window
layers going on (the application using one idea of 
windowing things and priorities that gtk may be using)
but it isn't bad enough that i've dug into it to sort
it out yet.  it mostly works.  :)


  the python 3 code itself is rather atrocious in parts
but that's a whole different issue...  lol  (i'm still
obviously learning :) )