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Trying to compile Python 3.5 on Linux Mint 19, getting compiler warnings and failing tests

On 2019-02-18, Chris Angelico <rosuav at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hmm. From looking at your full log (THANK YOU for posting that, btw -
> so many people don't), it looks like an issue with certificate
> checking. Might be a bug in the test itself. Does the same thing
> happen with a more recent Python build? It could be a weirdness with
> specific versions of OpenSSL.

If your app involves SSL and certificates, it's never going to work
right anyway.  Even if it does, nobody will ever use it correctly.
Even if they do, whoever created the certificates will have screwed
them up.  Even if they didn't, they'll forget to renew/replace them
before they expire.  Even if your app and certificates are OK, the app
on the other end of the network connection won't work right.

I'm only half joking...

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