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Convert a list with wrong encoding to utf8

?? ??????, 14 ??????????? 2019 - 8:56:31 ?.?. UTC+2, ? ??????? MRAB ??????:

> It doesn't have a 'b' prefix, so either it's Python 2 or it's a Unicode 
> string that was decoded wrongly from the bytes.

Yes it doesnt have the 'b' prefix so that hexadecimal are representation of strings and not representation of bytes.

I just tried:

names = tuple( [s.encode('latin1').decode('utf8') for s in names] )

but i get
UnicodeEncodeError('latin-1', '???? ???????', 0, 4, 'ordinal not in range(256)')

'???? ???????' is a valid name but even so it gives an error.

Is it possible that Python3 a Unicode had the string wrongly decoded from the bytes ?

What can i do to get the names?!