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What's up with Activestate Python?

On 2019-02-14, Liste guru <digitalfantasy.it86559 at digitalfantasy.it> wrote:
> Il 14/02/2019 00:06, Grant Edwards ha scritto:
>> For many, many years I've always installed ActiveState's ActivePython
>> Community edition when forced to use Windows.  It has always included
>> ...
>> I guess it's time to switch to Anaconda or ???
> I've also used the ActiveState python, expecially for the 2.7.x
> series, mainly for the oflline docs and the pywin32 libraries.
> Now the situation is better and with pip is really easy to have an 
> updated python with a lot of libs so there is less need for the 
> ActiveState distribution.

How does that work for libraries that require a C compiler?  Does pip
know how to download and install any required C/C++ toolchains?

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