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Can't run setup.py offline due to setup_requires - setup.py calls home


I'm trying to build a debian package in offline environment (build server).

To build this package, I need to ship all python dependencies as source
packages and build them there. This is no problem for all, except one
package that has build-time dependencies: Automat-0.70.

debian/rules calls this pip to install all requirements from local
package collection:

pip3 install --log=... --no-cache --no-index --find-links=pypi
--no-binary=":all:" -r requirements.txt

Directory pypi contains ALL dependencies required for build.

This works ok when build server has connection to network, but fails for
offline builds. I pinpointed the problem to package Automat, that
specifies some dependencies via setup_requires=[...]:


Trying to build Automat locally by calling setup.py fails immediately in
my offline environment:

$ python setup.py
distutils.errors.DistutilsError: Download error for
[Errno 111] Connection refused

Is there any way to stop Distutils from calling home?

Best regards,
Chris Narkiewicz