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Python program to phone?

On 02/07/2019 09:00 PM, Steve wrote:
> BeeWare looks as if it requires Java, does it?
> Is it exclusively java?

Kind of.  You do your coding in Python, then that's compiled to python
byte code, which is then translated to Java byte code.  You'll need the
Android SDK, even if you're not using Java directly.  Unfortunately
Google no longer lets you download just the SDK by itself. Instead you
have to download the entire 1GB Android Studio.

I haven't done anything with PyBee, but it looks promising for your

Instead of using text files, you'll probably need to use sqlite data
stores.  Not a huge deal if PyBee abstracts this for you.

Recently I made an android app using V-play.net, which is built on
QtQuick.  Basically it was all javascript.  This might work for your app
also. It's not Python, but the learning curve isn't huge.  It took me
far longer to figure out the GUI layout than it did to figure out the