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Implement C's Switch in Python 3 [OT languages]

Am 05.02.19 um 02:20 schrieb DL Neil:
> So, even with the French making their dates into sentences, not a single 
> one uses ordinals!
> - did the computer people in all these languages/cultures decide that 
> the more numeric approach was better/easier/...
> (ie simpler/less-complex)


For the two languages I know well, German (mother tongue) and Czech 
(studied for 5 years, 1 year abroad in Prague) I can assure you that the 
numeric ordinals were not dicated by the computer people, but that's 
been the typographic tradition since ever. You write the number with a 
period, also for dates. In regular sentences, something like "he 
achieved the eigth placement in a tournament" it depends on the size of 
the number, below ten or twelve one usually spells it out (with 
inflection and everything) and above it's typically written with numbers 
and a period.

But I read a funny story at the Czech language instutute's page about 
the influence of MS Word on Czech spelling. In dates, the name of the 
month is written in lowercase "1. prosince". Howver, MS Word thinks that 
the period is a full-stop which starts a new sentence, and it 
autocorrects it to "1. Prosince". This has happened so often that they 
brought it up as a special topic, that this autocorrection is wrong.

> Not even the convention/use of title-case is consistent!

Title case? In German, there are intricate rules about the 
capitalization in regular sentences; there is no such thing as title 
case. Only very rarely ALL CAPS are used.

Have a good sleep ;)