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Python program to phone?

I have written my first python program (600 lines!) to help control my blood
sugar and it has been so successful that my A1c dropped form 9.3 to an
impressive 6.4.  It will be much more useful if I had it on my phone.
(MotoG, Android)  The .py file reads/writes to two txt files.


About a year ago, I installed Kivy and managed to transfer the "Hello World"
app to my phone and it worked.  I am not on a different computer and believe
that I got all the way through the installation but I do not see how to
invoke it.  I am sure that I can go through the tutorial again and use my
program instead.


How do I figure out what is wrong and might there ne a better way to get the
program onto my phone?




P.S.  Yes, I tried to post this about two weeks ago but could not seem to
respond to the replies I received.  I could contact one or two individuals
but apparently not the masses.  How do I find out how this list works?



There's 99 bugs in the code, in the code.

99 bugs in the code.

Take one down and patch it all around.

Now there's 117 bugs in the code.