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preferences file

On Thu, Jan 24, 2019, Dave wrote:
>I'm doing a small application and want to add user preferences.  Did some
>googling to see if there are standard Python ways/tools, but it seems not so
>much.  My specific questions are:
>1. Best practices for a user preference file/system?

Generally I put them in the user's $HOME or $HOME/etc directory
with appropriate permissions unless working in a virtual
>2. File format favored and why - ini, JSON, etc?

I like ini for most user configuration files as the format is
simple, easy to read, and handled nicely with the ConfigParser

>3. File location?  I'm using Ubuntu and I believe that the correct location
>would be home/.config/<app-name> .  What about Mac and Windows?

See above.  Same for Mac.  I don't do Windows.

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