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ANN: Smil 0.9.1

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce Smil - Simple Morphological Image Library - v. 0.9.1

SMIL is a library with all basic and some advanced mathematical morphology features which can be extended with plugins 
and user modules.

It's been developed in C++ and has a Python interface thanks to Swig.

It's a product of CMM, the research Center of Mathematical Morphology of Mines-Paristech. The discipline of Mathematical 
Morphology was created here in the 60's by Jean Serra and Georges Matheron.

We use Smil in our research activities in the field.

Smil is distributed with GPL license.

You can find Smil - binaries and documentation - at our web site :


or the source code at :




  Jose Marcio MARTINS DA CRUZ, Ph.D.
  Ecole des Mines de Paris
  Centre de Morphologie Math?matique
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