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preferences file

On 1/24/19, Dennis Lee Bieber <wlfraed at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Jan 2019 14:42:59 -0500, Dave <dboland9 at offilive.com> declaimed
> the following:
>>3. File location?  I'm using Ubuntu and I believe that the correct
>>location would be home/.config/<app-name> .  What about Mac and Windows?
> 	Windows?
> 			%UserProfile%\Roaming\<application>

That should be "%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming". This is the default
path, which should never be used directly because "Roaming" is
relocatable. Use "%AppData%" instead.

That said, relying on environment variables isn't the best practice.
The value might be wrong if the folder was relocated after our process
tree was created. Use the shell's well-known-folder interface instead.
For example:

    import pythoncom
    from win32com.shell import shell

    kfmgr = pythoncom.CoCreateInstance(
                shell.CLSID_KnownFolderManager, None,

    appdata = kfmgr.GetFolder(shell.FOLDERID_RoamingAppData)
    appdata_path = appdata.GetPath()

IKnownFolderManager interface:

IKnownFolder interface: