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SCons 3.0.4 Release

  A new SCons release, 3.0.4, is now available
  on the SCons download page:

  Or via pypi:
          pip install scons

  Here is a summary of the changes since 3.0.3:


    - Added TEMPFILESUFFIX to allow user to specify suffix for tempfiles
used for long command lines
    - Initial support for ARM architectures with Microsoft Visual Studio
2017. You must set TARGET_ARCH
         to arm or arm64 to enable.


    - Fixed issue detecting installs of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 as
well as Microsoft build tools 2017.

git shortlog --no-merges -ns 3.0.3..HEAD
    17  Daniel
    10  Mats Wichmann
     4  Daniel Moody
     4  William Deegan
     3  anatoly techtonik
     1  Tobias Herzog