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Pythonic Y2K

On 2019-01-17, Schachner, Joseph <Joseph.Schachner at Teledyne.com> wrote:
> I'd like to add one more thing to your list of what companies will have to consider:
> 6) The ability to hire and retain employees who will be happy to
>    program in an obsolete version of Python.  A version about which
>    new books will probably not be written.  A version which new
>    packages will not support.  A version which most other companies
>    will no longer be using, so programming only in Python 2 will
>    place the employee at a disadvantage compared to others who have
>    gained experience with Python 3 if they ever have to change
>    employers.

IMO, that's a non-issue.  AFAICT, a pretty large percentage of SW
developers are using obsolete or proprietary tools that aren't cool
and fashionable, don't have outside support, about which books aren't
being written, and for which third-party packages and libraries don't

I also don't think an experience Python2 developer would be turned
down for a position on a project that's using Python3.

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