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the python name

On 17/01/19 6:10 PM, Gregory Ewing wrote:
> Avi Gross wrote:
>> The question that seems to come up too often about the python name is a
>> distraction. In particular, it is answered fairly prominently in many 
>> places
>> as just being a nonsensical name because a founder once liked a comedic
>> entity that chose an oddball name, so they did too.

> There's a long tradition of naming things after animals that have some
> of the qualities you want people to associate with them. In the case
> of Python, it's not a particularly fast animal, but it is sleek and
> powerful, and its minimal design has a certain elegance to it.
> So, I think it's very appropriate.

Elsewhere there is discussion about the long tail (life) of v2. So, is 
there also some notion of Python shedding its skin, ie making way for 
newer concepts and greater consistency?

(not that New Zealanders need to know much about snakes!)

Regards =dn