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Guido (Sarducci)

On 1/16/19 9:48 PM, Avi Gross wrote:
> Dennis,
> I wish to apologize for introducing any suggestion to name anything as
> Guido, let alone any language that springs from a python. Yes, it may be a
> stereotypic Italian name related to what you hint at. You probably
> recognized it as an allusion to someone who is clearly Dutch and has some
> finite relationship with python. The name is ultimately Germanic and used in
> many countries.
> I, in a Monty Python Spirit, insist I was thinking about the Saturday Night
> Live comedic  character from generations ago, Father Guido Sarducci, who
> does indeed appear to be Italian. That is the pythonic way to choose a name
> although 3.X might well have been named after the Three Stooges.
> Again, my apologies. I will try to resume being serious and maybe talk about
> mission creep.
> Avi
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> On Wed, 16 Jan 2019 13:46:29 -0500, "Avi Gross" <avigross at verizon.net>
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>> [HUMOR for the ALERT]
>> But as languages develop and evolve, sometimes a name change may be a
>> decent idea. Perhaps version 4.0 should be renamed Guido so we can get
>> more silly questions.
> 	So we can make jokes about a mafia hitman (which is where many might
> go with the name)
>> Imagine people developing languages like X and Y and over the years
>> enhancing them.
>> An Enhanced or Extended X, naturally, might be renamed EX.
> 	Getting too close to REXX (which was something like Restructured
> EXtended eXecutor).
>> With further Super new features (think super-symmetry in Physics) we
>> would have a Super Extended X, or SEX in brief.
> 	Computer science already has sexpr
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S-expression
> Finda de pope ina de pizza! A very funny skit!