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Guido (Sarducci)


I wish to apologize for introducing any suggestion to name anything as
Guido, let alone any language that springs from a python. Yes, it may be a
stereotypic Italian name related to what you hint at. You probably
recognized it as an allusion to someone who is clearly Dutch and has some
finite relationship with python. The name is ultimately Germanic and used in
many countries.

I, in a Monty Python Spirit, insist I was thinking about the Saturday Night
Live comedic  character from generations ago, Father Guido Sarducci, who
does indeed appear to be Italian. That is the pythonic way to choose a name
although 3.X might well have been named after the Three Stooges.

Again, my apologies. I will try to resume being serious and maybe talk about
mission creep.


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>[HUMOR for the ALERT]

>But as languages develop and evolve, sometimes a name change may be a 
>decent idea. Perhaps version 4.0 should be renamed Guido so we can get 
>more silly questions.

	So we can make jokes about a mafia hitman (which is where many might
go with the name)

>Imagine people developing languages like X and Y and over the years 
>enhancing them.
>An Enhanced or Extended X, naturally, might be renamed EX.

	Getting too close to REXX (which was something like Restructured
EXtended eXecutor).

>With further Super new features (think super-symmetry in Physics) we 
>would have a Super Extended X, or SEX in brief.

	Computer science already has sexpr

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