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python package management confusion

dcs3spp via Python-list <python-list at python.org> writes:
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> So to manage the development of private packages, e.g. wheels, I would have to use my own private repository (something like devpi or a an alternative cloud pypi subscription service) to store each private dependency that I have written.

No, you do not need something like "devpi" (or similar).
Instead, you can set up a "virtualenv" (there is a Python package
which can build "virtualenv"s), and use "setuptool"'s "develop"
"setup" command to "install" links to the package sources you
currently have under development. "develop" will automatically
install external requirements via "pypi".

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> However, if I wanted to take a step further and run a CI build using cloud services(e.g. in a private gitlab.com repository) for a package that uses the private packages, then presumably there is no access to the devpi repository on my local system? So, alternatively when developing private Python packages I either use requirements.txt or pay subscription for a private pypi cloud repository and configure pip, setup.cfg on gitlab.com CI to reference it in config files. When the CI build completes it pushes the package to the private pypi repository. 

I assume that you will be able to build an appropriate "virtualenv"
in a CI build setup.