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get the terminal's size

On 15Jan2019 13:08, Alex Ternaute <alex at lussinan.invalid> wrote:
>>>I tried : P = Popen(['stty', '-a'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
>>>universal_newlines=True) and it runs fine too, so the output seems not
>>>really related to that fd.
>> But it is! stty(1) fetches the terminal settings from its standard
>> input, so "fd" is used to supply this. In your Popen test case you
>> simply don't set the stdin parameter, so it is the Python process'
>> input. Which is usually what you want.
>> But I want to be able to ask this
>> of any terminal file, thus the parameter.
>Ah, Ok; smthlike:
> cs.tty.ttysize(0)
> WinSize(rows=50, columns=100)
> anotherTty=open('/dev/pts/3', 'rw')
> cs.tty.ttysize(anotherTty)
> WinSize(rows=43, columns=199)
>It runs :)

Exactly so.

BTW, you're aware of:

  from cs.tty import ttysize

I presume, and the above is just your testing?

Cameron Simpson <cs at cskk.id.au>