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get the terminal's size

On 15Jan2019 10:26, Alex Ternaute <alex at lussinan.invalid> wrote:
>> My cs.tty module (on PyPI) has a ttysize function:
>>   https://pypi.org/project/cs.tty/
>> which just parses the output of the stty command.
>Fine, indeed ! I've installed cs.ttyy.
>I just don't understand the reason why it takes "fd" as an argument.

"fd" may be a file descriptor or a file (from which it gets the 
underlying fd).

>I tried : P = Popen(['stty', '-a'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
>universal_newlines=True) and it runs fine too, so the output seems not
>really related to that fd.

But it is! stty(1) fetches the terminal settings from its standard 
input, so "fd" is used to supply this. In your Popen test case you 
simply don't set the stdin parameter, so it is the Python process' 
input. Which is usually what you want. But I want to be able to ask this 
of any terminal file, thus the parameter.

Just pass 0 to ttysize, or sys.stdin. Arguably that should be a default 

>Btw I did not know about namedtuple, thanks for that too.

Yes, it is very handy.

Cameron Simpson <cs at cskk.id.au>