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python package management confusion

dcs3spp via Python-list <python-list at python.org> writes:
> I am a newbie completely confused with python package management.
> I have a setup.py file (listed below) and have setup pip and setup.cfg to install my own dependencies  from a local devpi repository.
> Can setup.py reference a git repository so that I can install from that url?

I doubt it:
A primary goal of the Python package management is to allow users
to easily install prepackaged components (published in a repository
like PyPI) - not to integrate transparently with source code control

I approach development of Python components by checking them out
of the source code control system and then use "setuptool"'s
"python setup.py develop" in their source tree to integrate
the component in a virtual env for testing and developping purposes.

Another option (I also use occasioanally) would be to use
"zc.buildout". By itself, it does not integrate with "git"
but there is an extension (I think "mr.developer" or similarly spelled)
which allows to directly reference "git" repositories as
source for so called "development eggs").