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AssertionError without traceback?

I have a flask application deployed on CentOS 7 using Python 3.6.7 and uwsgi, proxied behind nginx. uwsgi is configured to listed on a socket in /tmp. The app uses gevent and the flask_uwsgi_websockets plugin as well as various other third-party modules, all installed via pip in a virtualenv. The environment was set up using pip just a couple of days ago, so everything should be fully up-to-date. The application *appears* to be running properly (it is in moderate use and there have been no reports of issues, nor has my testing turned up any problems), however I keep getting entries like the following in the error log:

2019-01-14T19:16:32Z <callback at 0x7f9bd4b2ae88 stopped> failed with AssertionError

There is no additional information provided, just that. I was running the same app (checked out from a GIT repository, so exact same code) on CentOS 6 for years without issue, it was only since I moved to CentOS 7 that I've seen the errors. I have not so far been able to correlate this error with any specific request. Has anyone seen anything like this before such that you can give me some pointers to fixing this? As the application *appears* to be functioning normally, it may not be a big issue, but it has locked up once since the move (no errors in the log, just not responding on the socket), so I am a bit concerned.
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