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get the terminal's size

Note sure why you couldn't capture $ echo $COLUMNS from a subprocess call.  But, how about this (found on the web):

from win32api import GetSystemMetrics
print "Width =", GetSystemMetrics(0)
print "Height =", GetSystemMetrics(1)

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From: Alex Ternaute <alex at lussinan.invalid> 
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Subject: get the terminal's size

Hi there,

I want to know the number of columns of the terminal where python2 writes it's outputs.

In a terminal, I type
$ echo $COLUMNS

But in Python, os.getenv("COLUMNS") gets nothing.
It gets nothing as well if I try to read the output of "echo $COLUMNS" 
from a subprocess.

I feel that I'm missing something but what ?

Looking on the internet for a hint, I see that python3 has an os.get_terminal_size(). 
Please, is there something similar for python2 ?