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celery + mongodb + RMQ + Flower service/app skeleton

Hi All,

 - -  https://github.com/sivang/laten-fw

 After some extensive work with Celery over the last 2 years, I created
this 'framework' skeleton with an example application, so anybody who wants
to get up and running with Celery but gets confused from the tutorials and
examples out there, can do so merely by running an ansible playbook.

 This was tested on Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.10 , and can be used out of the box
to write and experiment with your own tasks. It can sure use more docs for
the resulting setup, and operating it through flower and mongo-express.

 I have plans to turn this into something that can accept tasks over the
wire, from document stores and offer some sorts of Web UI of its own.
There's also slides at the root for a related talk I gave about my takeouts
from working with the above setup for Audio file analysis and ETL (and this
sort of example is also coming soon to a github near you..).

 Your feedback welcomed,